a fitness program specifically designed with couples in mind, LOVE, SWEAT & YEARS supports, encourages and promotes healthy individuals and strong relationships using partner exercises to build and enhance the FIVE FACTORS of a healthy relationship: 

ACCOUNTABILITY - actively owning your role and participating in the formation of your relationship. 

COMMUNICATION - clearly, effectively speaking AND actively, intently listening; consistently, openly and honestly. 

INTIMACY - closely involved and deeply detailed interactions; physically, mentally and emotionally. 

TEAMWORK - cooperative and coordinated effort towards a common goal for building your lives together. 

TRUST - a confident expectation of integrity, reliability and respect held first for self and then for your mate. 

of the five senses, touching is the only one that isn't limited to one localized area of the body. tiny tactile receptors are located ALL OVER your body and when those receptors are stimulated in some way, nerves carry impulses to your brain where you perceive the touch as warm or cold, hard or soft, painful or pleasurable and a range of other interpretations. you may also experience touch as loving or hostile which allows a physical sensation to transcend into the emotional realm. we're all familiar with the more common physical displays of affection like holding hands, hugging and kissing. but what about other tactile sensations that aren't so obviously associated with expressing love and affection? if physical touch allows us to get acquainted with our emotions on another level, how much love for yourself and your partner are you missing out on when you limit the ways in which you interact physically? how could a willingness to open up to sharing new physical experiences help you become more intimately connected?

on this journey, your mate will be the one who acts as your mirror, showing you who you are and who you're becoming and you will be the same for them. inviting each other into those spaces can be the scariest, most beautiful and powerful thing you will ever do. Why leave that to chance? healthy, long-lasting relationships don't just happen; they require commitment and effort. LOVE, SWEAT & YEARS is an opportunity to invest in your life, love and legacy but don't just take my word for it, hear what past participants have to say about their experience. 

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