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the club of hearts is a subscription-based online community for personal and professional development. we produce new content each month to support our members in showing up as their best + highest selves in relationships, business, health and overall mindset.

our monthly workshops are facilitated by skilled, knowledgable + relatable professionals who demystify common struggles seen in their respective fields. collectively, we provide actionable steps that can be taken immediately to support subscribers on their paths to achievement, service + meaningful impact. more than video content, the club of hearts is a vessel for self-care, a bridge for solutions and a light of service in communities all around the world.

in order to grow we need SOIL - support, opportunity, insight and love. the club of hearts offers all of the above through virtual content, group coaching + private consultation. as we grow our membership base, the vision also includes live workshops, conferences, retreats + other empowering, enriching events. for more information on how to join the club, please visit the website at www.patreon.com/clubofhearts.

self-care. solutions. service.