so, i think this is the part where i'm supposed to list all my qualifications + credentials then tell you about my childhood and other cool anecdotes. but, nah. here's what matters. 

I AM a bridge - here to connect the dots of mind, body + spirit because they were never meant to be compartmentalized in the first place. we are all here on a mission. if we are to fulfill that mission - and enjoy the process - no part of us can afford to be unhinged. 

I AM a light - here to illuminate the paths of those of us who were born into an analog world but who are now learning to navigate the digital world. the ones who learned that you go to college to get the job you want and then when we graduated, there were no jobs so we had to create them...using computers...even though we learned how to type on typewriters. seriously, is this a set up?! 

I AM a shovel - here to dig deep into the stories + beliefs you are living by; examine them and support you in determining whether or not they are serving you on your path to revealing your best + highest self. 

I AM a translator - here to take what you know intuitively and make it make sense to you intellectually. you have gifts and the world needs them. and you have ideas, the world needs those, too. so that thing you are inspired by, that you dream about and want so badly to create + experience, i want to support you in moving it from mind to manifest - from a thought to a thing.

I AM a vessel - this is my assignment. in everything i experience, there is a blessing for me but it's never just about me. it is my job to find the lesson then share it. i get to be a conduit and through me flows the message of love, light, possibility + power. 

i'm sure there is more to be uncovered. but for now, this is who I AM.