they call me "tupac chopra." and by they, i really mean me. i gave myself that nickname. but when you listen to this podcast, i think you'll understand why. #RMOH offers a healthy mix of grit + glory that allows you to get intimate with yourself - those deeply rooted feelings + beliefs. through candid reflections, create, define + expand on the concepts of LOVE, PURPOSE, FAITH + IDENTITY to inspire new thoughts, revisit past lessons + create meaningful experiences. whether in conversation with a guest or hosting solo, what you can expect is an honest presentation of what i believe to be true at any given moment. sometimes funny, sometimes provocative, always authentic, the #RMOH podcast is a place to come and be while we're still becoming. i certainly don't know everything but i do know this - life is all about chances. you can determine how many you take but not how many you get. 

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