S.H.E. (stimulate healing energy) is a workshop designed to build confidence and explore, appreciate + celebrate all that it means to be a woman. this experience aims to silence the inner dialogue that perpetuates negativity, shame + timidity and instead, shift that energy towards an awareness + boldness that will equip us to make better decisions concerning our health, relationships, career, finances + so much more. 

what to expect at a S.H.E. workshop: 

-dismantle old stories that no longer serve you

-begin healing from past trauma - physical, emotional and otherwise - with movement, spoken + written exercises

-expand your tribe of women devoted to empowering, supporting + protecting one another

-silence negative self-talk by confronting the fears that fuel it

-become what you want to attract and see more of in the world

each workshop experience includes:

-45-minute stretch + strength session

-encouraging, uplifting + inspiring affirmations

-guided meditation/visualization sessions  

-intensive focus on topic(s) specified for the day

-wellness assessment worksheet to give you a clear picture of where you are on your journey

-modifying rules and assumptions worksheet to map out thoughts and behaviors that will support you in creating the life you want and deserve!

-a journal for taking notes and writing the thoughts, emotions + visions that arise during our powerfully enlightening time together.

SHE is the one who wants more, is more and who's willing to do more. SHE wants to dig deeper, beyond the surface of what everyone can see, to her core; acknowledging the essence of who she was created to be. SHE is ready to heal. SHE is ready to grow. SHE is ready to experience an abundant overflow of love, first for herself, then for others. 

gather your girlfriends, the women in your family, your church group, students, community organization, or any other group of women whom you feel could benefit from this type of "work in" and prepare to leave this workshop inspired, motivated and, most of all, equipped, to create the life you envision for yourself. contact me to book your S.H.E. workshop.