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with a background in fitness + sports, coaching is my natural inclination. as a speaker, i not only captivate a crowd with humor and insight, i also offer tips, tools and techniques for how to carry the energy and information i share into the real world. your audience will not only be inspired but also equipped with a shift in perspective and a pivot in behaviors that will invite them to be their best and highest selves in every area of their lives.

“feel so you can heal”: the most powerful person in any room is the one who can observe their emotions without reacting to them. learn to live above your emotions so you can learn the lessons they come to teach you and begin to respond to your circumstances based on what you believe, not what you feel. this talk also uncovers how unaddressed emotions manifest in the physical body as discomfort and disease. 60 minutes, appropriate for men and women, age 18+

“S.P.E.A.K. up + be H.E.A.R.D.”: practical, applicable steps for creating and implementing personal and professional boundaries which support psycho-emotional health and promote productivity. 60 minutes, appropriate for men and women, age 18+

“work out, work in, work together”: understanding + maximizing the relationship between physical, psycho-emotional and relational health for a holistic approach to wellness that improves day-to-day function as well as inspires and empowers the audience to embrace their authority to create the life they desire, one choice at a time. 60 minutes, appropriate for men and women, age 18+


the following presentations are engaging and interactive workshops some of which use movement, group activities and written exercises to faaclitiate transformation. time may be modified to meet the needs of the group but each typically requires a minimum of three hours. all workshops are appropriate for groups of 6-20 men and women age 18+ unless otherwise specified.

“creating conscious relationships”: if you are part of a community that is ready to build springer bonds for healthier families, supportive friendships and more authentic love relationships, this is for you. this workshop offers insight into how and why we choose friends and mates and what those choices reveal about our own character. the information we will uncover invites participants to create meaningful connections that support us in being our best and highest selves. when we see ourselves though the lens of the people in our lives, what is reflected back to us is often things we wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

“organization optimization”: great for small businesses and organizations with a staff of 12 people or less who want to optimize the gifts, talents and resources within each member of the team. we will examine the roles and responsibilities of each team member to ensure they are functioning at optimum efficiency for results-driven performance that doesn’t jeopardize or compromise personal expansion and fulfillment.

“S.H.E.”: if you have a group of women who are ready for radical self-love + acceptance, this workshop is for you! stimulate healing energy is designed specifically for women whoa re ready for a total mind, body + spirit transformation. topics include body image, emotional intimacy, relationships, finances and many more and can be tailored to fit the needs of your group. who is the woman that should attend this workshop? SHE is ready to heal. SHE is ready to grow. SHE is ready for an abundant overflow of all the goodness this life has to offer.